Crestron CSA-PWS300-CAEN-2X1 Shade Power Supply Brand New In Factory Sealed Box!

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The CSA-PWS300-CAEN-2X1 is a 300 Watt wall mounted power supply designed for powering Crestron® shades. Power is supplied on 8 individually managed channels. By supplying 75 Watts per channel the CSA-PWS300-CAEN-2X1 is capable of powering up to 8 Crestron shade motors.

The CSA-PWS300-CAEN-2X1 contains a C2N-SPWS300 Cresnet® power supply housed in a CAEN-2X1 automation enclosure. The CAEN-2X1 enclosure features conveniently located electrical knockouts for both Class 1 and Class 2 wiring and a ventilated cover for convection cooling of the power supply.